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Why Stampshark

Say goodbye to a wallet or purse full of half stamped loyalty cards, which you never have when you need them. Stampshark is the App-based digital loyalty card solution: All your loyalty cards and points are saved on your smartphone.

Let the vendor scan your Stampshark App, and they award you points towards special offers or free products. That’s it. Redeeming your points is just as easy, just ask the vendor to scan your App and claim your reward.

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Vendors or Businesses?

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Why Stampshark ?…

For Business

  • Run customer loyalty programs safely, securely and with fraud protection.
  • Design your own customised promotions to suit the needs of your business.
  • Invest a fraction of the traditional costs and gain far more benefits than other loyalty schemes.
  • Start rewarding your customers and gaining their loyalty in just five minutes.

For Users

  • Be rewarded for being a loyal customer
  • Collect points in the App – no more lost punchcards
  • Earn some extra cash with Reward$
  • Best of all it’s completely free!

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